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SELF ASSESSMENT The term ‘self assessment’ is proving to be one of the great misnomers of all time. Many taxpayers struggle to understand the complex tax returns and complete them correctly. The constant stream of changes to tax legislation means not only that the returns are becoming ever more difficult to understand but also that taxpayers risk incurring more penalties through failing to complete their returns on time or correctly.

We can save you a lot of time, worry, and money by handling your self assessment for you. We will do all the necessary computations, complete your return and offer jargon-free advice on how you might minimize your tax liability.

Our integrated self assessment services include:
    • Assessing your tax situation
    • Analysing your allowances
    • Preparing accurate calculations
    • Completing your returns
    • Liaising with the HMRC
    • Appraising you of legislative changes personal-tax-planning


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